Hope to Home Kits

You Can Help! We need “move-in kits” for our new residents

When you're ready, contact us at  h2hfurniture@icloud.com  and we'll arrange to get them!

Kitchen Kit

Note: Please label the kit "For one person".

  • Two large plates
  • Two small plates
  • Two glasses
  • Two bowls
  • Two coffee mugs
  • Two knives, forks & spoons
  • One pot (preferably with top)
  • One skillet
  • Set of cooking utensils (can opener, spatula, flipper, slotted spoon, spoon, etc.)
  • Kitchen knife(s)
  • Two dish towels (if available)
  • Two wash cloths (or sponges) (if available)

Please feel free to add other useful utensils.

Linen Kits

Please place in plastic bags & clearly label size on kit (eg. Twin, Full, Queen - please, no King linens.)

Note: Please also label the kit "For one person"


  • Fitted twin sheet
  • Flat twin sheet
  • Two pillow cases
  • Two bath towels
  • Two face towels
  • Two wash cloths

Full: same as above with full sheets
Queen: same as above with queen sheets
No king sheets are needed

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