Volunteer With Us

Hello Hope to Home Volunteers!

Volunteer Opportunities

Sept 3rdHoliday weekend- No Deliveries
Sept 10th Life Park Church/ +5
Sept 17th10-12 Volunteers Needed
Sept 24th8-10 Volunteers Needed

As always, a big thank you to all our volunteers! You make Hope to Home possible every week.

Group volunteers: Bob Tennyson- bobt@hopetohomesc.org
Individual Volunteers: Nicole Sharpe- nicole@hopetohomesc.org

Stacey and Nicole

This form will reserve a slot for you on the Saturday you choose to volunteer (select only the first three Saturday's of each month and note any dates that are already filled that are listed in the previous section ).

Please read the Volunteer Agreement before you sign up.

Only Saturday dates will be selectable. You can scroll on the calendar to see and select future dates.