Thanks to all who volunteered, donated and supplied furniture

You’ve helped countless veterans, homeless, and women and children escaping domestic violence and sex trafficking move towards a new life!

We have fully furnished their new houses, transforming empty spaces into “homes”.

So far this year, we have moved 143 households into new homes; 56 were veterans.

In the process, we moved: 125 beds; 165 dressers; 65 couches & love-seats; 100 stuffed-living room chairs; 96 kitchen tables and 281 chairs; 85 coffee tables; 185 nightstands/end tables; 36 TVs; 40 microwaves; 89 kitchen kits; 67 linen/towel kits; and 24 rugs.

All this is possible thanks to our incredible donors and volunteers. Here’s what your generosity meant to the served and volunteers:

“I’ve had such a hard life,” she said. “Such a hard life, but I’ve been blessed and y’all are angels…y’all are just angels.” The walls were cinderblock, the floors linoleum and the paint was fresh. After we moved in her new furniture, it was truly a warm and inviting “home”. As we were leaving, we said a blessing over her and her new home and with tears in her eyes, she added a prayer of thanksgiving and deliverance. Joy filled her new home and we hugged. She blessed us.”

“At our last delivery, a neighbor of the person to whom we were delivering came out and she said what a good thing we were doing and it brought tears to her eyes.

They were now friends not just neighbors and we were blessed by both!

His Love is so shareable!!”

“Our first delivery was to a veteran who needed a bed and a few other items to make his space a home. Before we left and after saying a blessing over him and his home, he said, “I need to get down on my knees first and thank God before I lay in my new bed.”

“I so love this ministry and the selfless servers who make it all happen! While you may not think you yourself can make a difference, I challenge you to serve. In the end, you are the one who is blessed!” (Volunteer on Facebook).

Your generosity is so appreciated!