Q1 2024 Update

Again, please accept our warmest thanks for your generous donations, volunteering and support.

From our warehouse so far this year, we have delivered and fully setup furniture and other household goods to 54 households; including 15 previously homeless veterans and 13 households with small children.

In the first quarter of 2024, we delivered: 96 Beds and frames, 46 Dressers, 31 Kitchen Tables, 104 Kitchen Chairs, 17 Microwaves, 37 Sofas, 33 stuffed Chairs, 33 Coffee Tables, 60 End Tables, 70 Table & Floor Lamps, 95 Linen Kits, 35 Kitchen Kits and so much more.

Most of all, we delivered Hope. Those we serve are all trying to begin a new life after suffering hardship. We walk into their empty spaces with His love and an infectious joy. Their attitudes are quickly lifted.

Here’s a note we received in late January: “I just wanted to take a moment of your time and let you know how you’ve changed my life. I am a victim of squatters. I was trying to keep the rent and utilities paid on my own but it just became too hard for me to handle. I ended up being in the middle of burglary and attempted murder. I left with 2 Walmart bags of my belongings and fled to a safe place. I lost everything but I was alive. I bounced around and ended up in a boarding house. That’s where I started making phone calls and writing letters. I was hooked up with your organization shortly after. You contacted me and asked me what I needed. I was completely blown away! H2H delivered everything I needed to make a brand new, comfortable start and I am truly grateful! Thank you so very much. I’m blessed and you are so kind.”

It’s sad how many of people we serve have just “fallen into homelessness” through no particular fault of their own. Another man wrote and said: “After losing everything, you’re just so grateful for every little thing. This is the first time in about 2 years that I’ve slept in my own bed. Homeless pain is a different kind of pain.”

Thanks to your generosity, we remain 100% volunteer. Because of your volunteering and donations, you enable us to direct our entire budget on serving those in need, with no need for “management” staff. So, 99% of donations go into our program.

Incredibly, we’re seeing a new wave of volunteers from corporations, churches and college groups. We hosted 18 students from Ohio State University in March! And, Hilton Hotels, Bosch Corp, Bank of America and others, including five local churches and other organizations are regular volunteers

We now provide support to 20 agencies in the Charleston area. We also continue to support the Charleston Police Department’s Community Outreach effort and they in turn volunteer with us!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.