Q3 2023 Update – Fall

From the warehouse this past quarter, we have delivered furniture and other household goods, valued at over $54,000 to 71 households, which included 56 children and 19 veterans.

We delivered: 124 Beds and Frames, 87 Dressers, 48 Kitchen Tables, 63 Kitchen Chairs, 16 Microwaves, 49 Sofas , 46 Stuffed Chairs, 48 Coffee Tables, 70 End Tables, 106 Table & Floor Lamps, 65 Linen Kits, 35 Kitchen Kits, and so much more.

Most of all, we delivered Hope, as we set up homes together, laughed together and prayed together.

There have been times when joy overwhelmed all of us as volunteers, such as when we delivered a full home of furniture and home goods to a woman who had seen some very tough times in her life. Here was her response: “I haven’t been happy like this in a long time. Thank you God and thank you to everyone in your organization that has helped me. I appreciate it so very much. I feel very very loved. They took a picture while they were here and I want to frame it and put it on my wall thank you so very much!”

At another house, four young boys were still sleeping on the floor in their rooms when we arrived. Their pregnant mom had also been sleeping on the floor. They were thrilled with the furniture and new beds. The boys pitched in making their beds with new sheets & pillows, putting pictures on the walls and helping convert their empty space into a new “home”.

Through your generosity, you have enabled us to bless not only those in need, but volunteers who have found it a “life changing experience “, such as the young Cadets from The Citadel College who served on Civic Leadership Day! This quarter, we added another human trafficking organization as a partner. They train clients in a skill, give them life skills training and then get them jobs. We outfitted a halfway house for these women and immediately it had four occupants. Within two weeks, they had filled all the rooms. They are now working to secure a second home, which we will also furnish.

We are continuing to build our new network of churches and community organizations to directly connect our clients to ongoing support systems. This has already had amazing results with approximately 90% of our clients in the past quarter now attending a local church and getting pastoral assistance. This has been especially critical for the children of the families we have served. Please continue to support this blessed effort.