Q4 2023 Update

Thank you to all our donors and volunteers! We send our thanks for your generosity.

From our warehouse in 2023, we moved 219 households of families and individuals escaping homelessness, domestic violence or human trafficking into new homes, as they began their new lives; including over 170 children and over 65 veterans. We moved the following valued at over $155,000:

231 mattresses
240 bed frames
235 bed pillows
195 dressers
55 mirrors
120 kitchen tables
562 kitchen chairs
54 microwaves

124 kitchen appliances
179 couches
166 living room chairs
62 rugs
270 framed wall pictures
168 coffee tables
215 end tables and nightstands

273 lamps
235 linen kits
135 kitchen kits
47 cleaning kits
57 trash cans
35 TVs
52 TV stands

Beginning with Thanksgiving, we also handed out 38 Christmas baskets and Christmas trees as well as dozens of toys and books for children, so those we served could celebrate Christmas joy.

Some of our volunteers stepped up to help one woman avoid an eviction notice after we had moved her into an apartment. She and her daughter were still in their new home for the Christmas holiday.

Another woman and her kids who we moved in described the volunteer crew as, “Like God almighty himself had come here to help us!”

One veteran whom we moved into a new home had been in the Army Choir and he serenaded our volunteers! His biggest wish was for a Kitchen Aide mixer, as his mother had taught him to cook saying he’d go hungry if he couldn’t cook…we delivered…”It’s just like my Momma’s!”

Finally, we moved a man and his son into a local apartment; completely furnishing their new home. They had been living in a shed with no bathroom in Myrtle Beach and recently moved to Charleston, living in a minivan. The son was just home recovering from a leg deformity surgery, but through all their trials, the son had gone to high school online and had just made the National Honor Society!

Thanks to our generous donors and our volunteers, we remain a 100% volunteer organization and these are the blessings we as volunteers witness every week. All those we serve have preserved through hardships and made the decision to start life anew and over 95% stay in their home and build a new life.

When we walk in to furnish their new spaces, we celebrate together, work together, laugh together and pray together, as we transform their empty spaces into “homes”.

You all helped make all this possible.

Thank you!
Tom Young,President

P.S. One last note: in 2023, 99% of all donations went into our programs!