Q2 2023 Update

Thanks to all who volunteered, donated and supplied furniture.

You’ve helped countless veterans and other previously homeless, as well as women and children escaping domestic violence and sex trafficking move towards a new life!

We furnished their new houses, transforming their empty spaces into “homes”.

So far this year, we’ve moved 103 households into new homes (almost 50% were families with children). We moved in 56 households in just the last 3 months! Amazing grace!

In the process over the past 3 months, we moved: 66 beds; 76 bed frames; 64 dressers; 52 couches & loveseats; 49 stuffed-living room chairs; 37 kitchen tables and 124 chairs; 45 coffee tables; 77 nightstands/end tables; ; 10 TVs; 18 microwaves; 40 kitchen kits; 97 linen/towel kits; and 11 rugs.

All this is possible thanks to our incredible donors and volunteers. Here’s what your generosity meant to the served and volunteers:

  • We delivered to a veteran who had been sleeping on the floor as his blowup bed had collapsed long ago. He had asked for only a few items for his very small apartment. But, when we arrived we loaded his space and he was so gracious and thankful; thanking us for making his bare space a “home”, complete with a full kitchen and microwave.
  • When we arrived at our second move-in today, a little girl sat on the floor, in an empty room, in front of an overturned tote bucket eating her cereal. When we set up her kitchen table and chairs, she jumped into her new chair and just grinned from ear to ear and resumed eating her cereal.  They had just escaped homelessness and this was their new start.
  • Nine Citadel Cadets volunteered with us on a very, very rainy Saturday. But…the rain absolutely STOPPED every time we stopped for a delivery…every time!!! The rain poured as we would approach our next house, stop when we arrived and after we setup, prayed together and left…it poured again!!  The Cadets could not believe what was happening! Every single delivery was like that!  But, miracles do happen in this ministry.

Your generosity is so appreciated!

Please continue to support this blessed effort.

We need dressers, kitchen tables & chairs and nightstands/end tables!

Make donations at: https://hopetohomesc.org/donation/
Mail donations to: Hope to Home Furniture Resource; P.O.Box 1171; Isle of Palms, SC 29451.

So far this year, 99% of all donations have gone into the program!

And…follow our social media: https://linktr.ee/hopetohomesc

Tom Young
Hope to Home Furniture Resource