2022 Year -End Update

2022 was a record year for delivering furniture and home goods to those just starting their new lives.

Thank you for your generosity!

From the warehouse this year, we moved over 225 households into new homes. We saw many more families escaping homelessness, domestic violence and human trafficking than in previous years.

So many children! To see their joy when we bring in a “real bed” is just priceless.

For the year, we delivered furniture and other household goods, valued at over $194,654.00 to over 225 families and individuals. We have turned empty and often depressing places, where people were sleeping on the floor, into comfortable, safe “homes” of new beginnings.

We delivered: 421 beds and frames, 278 dressers, 153 kitchen tables, 523 kitchen chairs, 58 microwaves, 151 sofas , 154 stuffed chairs, 149 coffee tables, 255 end tables, 328 table & floor lamps, 352 Linen Kits, 118 Kitchen Kits and over 300 adult and children’s Bibles, as we worked, laughed and prayed together with those we served.

Most of all, we delivered Hope. It’s hard to describe the joy in both those we serve and in our volunteers when furniture arrives for those so much in need of comfort and encouragement.

Here are just a few examples of the blessings Hope to Home had this past quarter:

Hope to Home Furniture Resources 2022

  • As one of our stalwart volunteers wrote, “I never realized how many people are in need-right where I live. ‘Writing a check’ while important, isn’t all that people need-it really does take time and talent-and yes, treasure…but it all really starts to happen when you can contribute some of your time.”
  • And, sometimes you get a really sweet thank you, like when one woman said, “Oh, my goodness! With all this lovely furniture y’all set up here, I might just invite a man over!”
  • Or, when we brought one of our Christmas Basket full of decorations to a family, all the children screamed, dove in and started decorating their tree, which stood bare in the corner. Whew!
  • And finally, our donors. So often, we become friends and just want to sit and talk, even though we have many more furniture pickups to complete. People like those at Gods Goods Thrift Store in Mt.Pleasant, which donated a sizable portion of the store’s net proceeds to us. 
  • And, the folks at Parrott-Ashley Furniture, who donated a huge truckload of furniture with such joy that we were all hugging and taking pictures before we could drive away!  
  • And, our wonderful friends at the Southern Lady and East Cooper Home Store, who help us so often and in so many ways.
  • Or, Tina Arnoldi’s group, BeKind Charleston, who create and handcraft welcome/inspiration notes for all our deliveries and Donna and Elaine who create beautiful artificial flower arrangements for our deliveries. 

What an incredible community we have been blessed with!!
So much good…more than we could ever ask or imagine!!

These new beginnings are a reality because of our donors’ and volunteers’ generosity. You’ve provided homes filled with Hope.

Thank you!